A Breathtaking Water Lantern Festival Is Coming To Vancouver This Summer

This magical night is coming this year!
A Breathtaking Water Lantern Festival Is Coming To Vancouver This Summer

Vancouver is no stranger to magical events. There's the Vallea Lumina, that magically lights up a forest trail in Whistler and there's even a Disney-inspired magical brunch happening soon! One other event to add to the list in Vancouver is yet another magical event that we will absolutely have to add to our bucket lists for 2019.

The Water Lantern Festival is coming soon and it's going to be a highlight of the year. The lantern festival experience is complete with music and food trucks. You'll receive with your ticket a lantern that you'll get to personally design with drawings, quotes and messages before releasing it into the water. Once the water is full of these floating lanterns, the effect is truly magical and you're going to love the whole experience. 

If you love the annual solstice lantern festivals that happen in Vancouver, then you're going to absolutely love this unique twist on a lantern festival! There's something so magical and peaceful about experiencing a lantern festival that's hard to describe. This festival is a really romantic date night idea or it would be an unforgettable night out with friends. Plus, it gives you an excuse to slow down and appreciate the gorgeous colours of the sunset as dusk falls.

The Water Lantern Festival happens in dozens of cities in the United States and we're so glad that it's coming to Canada, too. The official date of the Vancouver Water Festival has yet to be determined, but we already know that it's heading for several Canadian cities like Calgary and Toronto soon! Tickets are usually around $50 per person but they're cheaper the earlier you buy.

For more information and to sign up to be notified when dates and tickets are announced, check out their website. 

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