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You Can Finally Get Tickets To BC's Most Magical Winter Garden Filled With Millions Of Lights

Tickets to VanDusen Festival of Lights are officially on sale!
VanDusen Festival Of Lights Tickets Are Finally On Sale For The Most Magical Winter Light Garden

It's nearly December and we are getting those holiday feels already. Vancouver comes to life with amazing activities around Christmas time and one of those epic things is the Festival of Lights at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver. After a long wait and a whole lot of anticipation, you can finally get your tickets for the enchanting illuminated experience. We don't know about you, but we're getting our VanDusen Festival of Lights tickets right now.

Each year, the breathtaking garden transforms into a magical winter wonderland. The holiday light show is a true can't-miss event in Vancouver.

This year, for the festival’s 35th anniversary, they are going big. You can expect to walk through over a million lights, dancing light shows, and live performances.

The Festival of Lights kicks off on November 30 to December 24 this year, pausing on Christmas Day and continuing from December 26 to January 5.

You’ve got tons of chances to check it out, all you need to do is pick which date and decide who you’d like to share the enchanting journey with. Tickets cost $19 online or $21 at the door. 

In addition to the millions of twinkling lights, there are a few other adorable holiday attractions you should know about.

There is a carousel you can ride for free that will light up your childhood Christmas nostalgia. If you get chilly while exploring, you can wander over to the fireside lounge and get all warmed up.

Some other festival attractions include the Make-A-Wish Candle Grotto, a piano available for anyone to play, and the Portobello West Winter Wonderland Market.

The Market features everything from jewelry to handmade candles. If you’re behind on your Christmas shopping, you’ll find unique gifts here.

If you happen to get hungry during your holiday festivities, you're in luck. There are tons of nearby restaurants and there will also be food vendors and food trucks on site.

Some of the goodies you can snack on include hot dogs from Japadog, donuts from Cin City Donuts, warm beverages from Truffles Hot Drink Hut, and so much more.

There will even be boozy beverages available for anyone 19 and over. 

Every year, tons of stunning photos emerge from the Festival of Lights. There are photo ops everywhere you look within the illuminated garden. 

If you're wondering what to do this winter in Vancouver, this should definitely get a spot on your winter bucket list.

VanDusen Festival of Lights

Price: $19 online and $21 in person

When: November 20 to January 5

Address: 5251 Oak St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Dive head-first into the holiday season in Vancouver surrounded by over a million beautiful twinkling lights.

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