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This Vancouver Barber Is Doing Free 'Facetime Cuts' Before He Reopens Soon

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The COVID-19 pandemic have got us all looking like cavepeople, our hair shaggier that an early 70s' rockstar but so much less cool. Once again, Vancouver's super barber is swooping in to save our looks. He's giving out "virtual haircuts" in Vancouver and could teach you how to cut like a pro for free.

Farzad Salehi has cut hair from the iconic Farzad's Barber Shop for over a decade, and his skills with the straight razor have earned him notoriety across town. We spoke with him last month to ask him what to do if we desperately needed a cut and now he's offering even more help.

But after the pandemic struck, he closed shop to follow distancing guidelines — leaving his customers lost and ungroomed.

Eventually, clients got so desperate for his haircuts they reached out for his help. After talking it over, they came up with an interesting idea.

"To be honest with you it wasn't my idea at all. A long term client had contacted Shelley if I would be able to basically guide them through Facetime," he told Narcity. "So father would cut son's hair and son would cut father's hair."

What ended up happening was what Salehi called a "virtual haircut" — his clients would man the scissors or clippers, and Salehi would act as captain, guiding them through the rough seas of shaving.

His wife and business partner, Shelley Salehi, posted the photos to Facebook where it quickly blew up. More and more people started asking for virtual treatments and Salehi happily agreed.

"It's something that is a fun experience to do and it's fun for me to see how it would work," said Salehi.

He doesn't charge a penny for the coaching but said that clients often found a way to pay him back.

"They bought pre-paid haircuts, like one of them bought $400 worth of haircuts then another guy bought another $200 worth of haircuts," he said.

His fans are loyal — you have to be, when you need to book well in advance to secure a haircut at Farzad's.

Earlier, B.C. announced that hair salons would be allowed to take customers again starting mid-May. Salehi said he's excited but cautious.

"We have to make sure that our clients are going to stay healthy and we are going to stay healthy," he said. "So we will take that really serious. Of course, we are excited."