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Vancouver Will See Hot Sunny Weather All Next Week

Vancouver will be seeing high temperatures and sunny weather this week!

It’s about time we saw double-digit temperatures in Vancouver! After a series of weird weather patterns, never-ending snow flurries, and unseasonably cold temperatures, things are finally looking up. According to The Weather Channel, we will finally see warm temperatures and sunny weather this week in Vancouver. Patio drinks, anyone?

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We had the weirdest winter ever. We saw everything from record-breaking snow to seriously cold days. Several universities and schools even had snow days and that rarely happens! For a couple of days there it looked like we were hitting spring. We even saw the blooming of cherry blossoms around the city! But of course, it wouldn't be Canadian weather without a dump of snow right when you least expect it.

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 Starting this Saturday until next Thursday, Vancouver will feel warm weather and enjoy sunny skies! Now, Vancouver is expected to get highs of 15° with sun!

Via The Weather Channel

According to The Weather Channel, Vancouver is expected to see high temperatures and sunny weather all next week! To kick off our sunny week, Sunday will be a high of 14°. Talk about the luck of the Irish! This double-digit weather accompanied with sunny skies will be the perfect addition to a great St. Patrick's Day. 

Monday and Tuesday will be coming in hot with highs of 17° and 18° respectively. Sunny skies are anticipated to stay all day long so bring your shades. You may even be able to catch a little bit of a tan. 

Wednesday and Thursday will also have warm temperatures of 16 °. The sun will be playing a little bit of peek-a-boo over these two days. But hey, a little bit of sun is better than no sun at all. We will take what we can get!

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Friday's weather is a little bit up in the air. But it’s still early! A lot can change before then. Let’s just be thankful that we will be getting five straight days of warm weather, sun, and vitamin D. 

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I don’t know about you, but I see patio drinks, bike rides, and beach days on the horizon.