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Watch A Vancouver Police Canine Viciously Take A Man Down In The Middle Of The Road (VIDEO)

The Vancouver Police Canine Unit had a public takedown in the city.
Watch A Vancouver Police Canine Viciously Take A Man Down In The Middle Of The Road (VIDEO)

A video of an intense Vancouver Police canine takedown found its way onto the internet yesterday. The video shows officers and a police canine chasing after a man across an intersection in Vancouver last week. Several of the officers were undercover at the time of the takedown.

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The video shows officers trying to arrest a suspect for a series of home break-ins. Three men had broken into a Vancouver home and the Vancouver Police had arrested two of the suspects. The third, however, tried to run away from the police by stealing a taxi full of passengers and running to a gas station, according to the Vancouver Police Department

The story itself seems too wild to be true, but the newly-released video proves otherwise. A bystander captured the whole incident on his dash cam and posted it onto Reddit. The thread has gotten 1000 upvotes and over 428 comments. You can check out the full YouTube video for yourself, which was posted yesterday. 

In the beginning of the video, you can see a man try to steal a taxi to drive away but he fails. He then tries to escape to the gas station, and an officer and his canine are spotted on the scene. 

The suspect then begins to run through a busy intersection, where several cars are idling at the traffic light. Several more people, presumably undercover cops, begin to run after the suspect as well. Almost all the traffic at the intersection ends up being stopped. 

The drama doesn't stop there. The suspect gets full-on hit by a car when he is running away from the cops, which is captured in the video. Instead of admitting his defeat, he gets back up and keeps running away.

The suspect does not manage to get away this time and the canine chases him down to the ground, forcing him against a car. The officer pins him down and is joined by a few others, presumably undercover cops. An undercover car and police cruiser also pull up to the scene. 

People on Reddit were shook by the intense video. "Props to all the cars in all directions who were aware to some degree and didn’t go ahead. Instead created a safe intersection to let this all go down. And damn when he got hit by the car I pissed my pants!!!", wrote Redditor Theaverageoffice and it got 174 points.

Another Redditor, ChimpBottle, commented, "Is everyone an undercover cop? This feels like John Wick: Vancouver, except with cops instead of assassins" and the comment received 34 points. 

The three suspects have now been charged, according to the VPDThey are now in custody and the investigation is ongoing. 

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