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Watch This Clever Seal In B.C. Literally Climb Aboard A Passing Boat To Avoid Being Eaten By Orcas (Photos)

We’ve all seen a National Geographic or Planet Earth thing and seen a predator chase down some sort of prey.

And depending on the focus of the episode we either cheer for the predator or the prey, because either you don’t want the predator to starve to death, but you also don’t want the prey to literally get eaten alive.

Well a seal in B.C. had its own very near brush with death at the hands (or fins) of a pod of orcas, but it found an unexpected way of surviving.

The seal climbed on a passing boat used by a small whale watching business and sat there hiding behind the motor from the orcas. 

The seal clearly was not interested in being the groups' lunch, which is completely understandable.   

Being eaten would absolutely ruin its life. 

As you can see in the photos the seal hid just out of reach of the pod while they circled the boat trying to figure out a way to dislodge it from its hiding spot. 

The whales spent some time circling the boat before eventually realizing the seal was more effort than it was worth for them to try and get it.

The crew of the boat then moved the boat away from the area with the seal still hanging out at the back, before stopping to allow the seal to get off somewhere it wasn’t going to be eaten. 

We’re often told that humans are the reason that a lot of the world's wildlife is dying but this seal can thank those whale watchers for saving its life.

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