The sun is BACK in Vancouver and we could not be more excited. What a way to brighten up a Monday morning, eh? And the better news is that it's here to stay for the week. 

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But we all know that winter is coming, so better soak up the sunshine and get your intake of vitamin D while it lasts and before the sun disappears behind endless days of rain. We already know the exact day that snow will hit the city, so you Vancouverites can be well prepared.

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There is a popular weather report that predicts the forecast for the 90 days in advance, which is very helpful. You probably already use it – it is called Accuweather and it gives an extended weather outlook for millions of Canadians. So they already know when exactly snow will be arriving in Vancouver. 

On December 16th, it's time to bring out your snow jacket and shovel because the Accuweather forecast is calling for snow and lots of it. It's supposed to snow all day, bringing almost 15 cm of snowfall to the city.

We all know how chaotic the city gets when there's even one centimetre of snowfall so when there's 14 cm in one day? Good luck, Vancouver. Of course, the forecast can change, but as of now, snow is expected in mid-December. On a positive note though, hopefully, that means ski season is stellar this year! 

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On the bright side, the city will remain warm and sunny for the rest of this week, with highs of 22 degrees. October will bring significantly more rain and chillier temperatures, so we'd suggest making the most of this week before Raincouver takes over again.