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Vancouver Will Finally See Sunshine This Week After Days Of Non-Stop Rain

You'll be able to leave your umbrella at home!
When Will It Be Sunny In Vancouver: Sun On Its Way After Non-Stop Rain

Vancouverites will finally have reason to rejoice, as the rainy, soggy weather that has been circling the province for the past several days is expected to ease off. If this non-stop rain had had you wondering when will it be sunny in Vancouver again, then you're in luck. According to The Weather Network, Vancouver can expect drier days soon thanks to a weather pattern that will ease the rain off towards the end of October.

While the city had a brief break from the rain last week, showers returned to the B.C. coast on Sunday, October 20 while Monday, October 21 will see another bout of rain.

While this workweek won’t bring in much change in terms of how much it’s been raining in the province, a long dry spell is right on the doorstep for our province. 

Monday, October 21, won’t see too much rain for most of the B.C. coast, but Vancouver Island's west coast and the higher terrain of the Lower Mainland can expect a super soggy Monday and Monday night, according to a report from The Weather Network. 

So you better bring out your biggest umbrellas and most rain-proof boots if you live on Vancouver Island's west coast and the Lower Mainland. The rain won't stop dedicated voters from putting in their ballot today, just make sure you don't take a selfie in the rain after voting. 

The relentless rain will thankfully start easing off and lead to drier days midweek from Tuesday, October 22 onwards. You'll be able to admire all the fall colours without peering up at the trees from under an umbrella.

An extended dry spell and break from the rain is on the way as upper-level weather patterns start to shift on Tuesday, cutting off the flow of moisture in the province for now. It won't be warm necessarily but at least we'll see the sun a bit.

An area of high pressure in the atmosphere building over the coast will turn off the the onslaught of rain the province has been experiencing for the past several days and will give the coast a few days to dry out towards the second half of this week. 

The drier weather will also mean warmer temperatures, so you can take off a layer or two, or three.

While some additional rain is possible this weekend, a generally milder and drier pattern is expected to take us through the last week of October and into November.

While it's still raining, check out these unique indoor activities that you can enjoy without getting sopping wet. 

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