Text your partner in wine. We found a storybook-worthy spot only a short drive away that looks like a mini castle. Seriously, the building alone is so adorable you need to see it in person. It is the type of building you expect to see a Disney princess within. To get to the magical winery near Vancouver, it just a short and sweet one-hour road trip.

One of the best parts of travelling to Europe is seeing all the specular architecture. While you might not be able to escape to Italy, France or Germany right now, you can get European vibes at this local hidden gem instead.

Seaside Pearl is a family-owned winery making tasty bottles you are going to want to sip with your friends.

To visit them you'll need to make a small group appointment, for four people or less. So load up your car with you and three friends, and have a relaxing day.

They are currently closed, but soon that will change as the province starts to loosen restrictions, they said to Narcity by email. Shortly, they will begin taking reservations from Thursday to Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.

On your private group tour, you'll get to try several of their delicious boozy beverages in their gorgeous chapel tasting room. Or you could always take a step outside and lounge outdoors.

The exterior is stunning as you'll get to enjoy the country charm. Right from the patio, you'll be able to see the long rows of bright green vines and the views of Mount Baker.

Without question, you are going to want to have your camera ready to capture every moment.

Often group tours can be costly, but that won't be the case here because the wine tasting is free.

Before you go home, make sure to buy a few bottles to bring back. They will be perfect for popping open the next time your BFF drops by your apartment.

Seaside Pearl Winery

Price: Free

Address: 5290 Olund Rd., Abbotsford, BC

Why You Need To Go: You get European-vibes at this charming winery where you can sip wine with your friends.