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21 Late Night Adventures You Can Go On With Your BFF In Vancouver

The night is still young, and so are we.
21 Late Night Adventures You Can Go On With Your BFF In Vancouver

Work hard, play harder, Vancouver. I know your type. You're the kind who comes alive after the sun goes down. You've been working and studying all week and now you want to blow off some steam.

Being on the West Coast, the misconception is that we're all a bunch of outdoor hippies spending our time in nature during the daylight hours....okay that might be true... but we also know how to turn it up when the city starts to glow.

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So if you're looking for something fun to do after dark, here are 21 things that you and your BFF need to do starting this weekend!!

1. Play giant Jenga at Guilt & Co.

Open until 2AM

2. Go see the Kitty Burlesque show at the Biltmore.

Show times vary

3. Take drunk selfies in the Cobalt photobooth.

Open until 2AM

4. Try your luck at Locked Canada's Escape Room.

Open until 12AM

5. Head to Stateside Craft on Thursdays for Trivia night. Or click here for trivia nights every day of the week.

Contact each establishment for updated hours

6. Tired of looking at your friend's face? Have a literal blind dinner at Dark Table.

Open until 9PM  

7. Share a drink out of a flower pot at Afghan Horseman.

Open until 11PM

8. Visit the VAG on Tuesday nights

Open until 9PM by donation 

9. Be bold at Open Mic Night at Cafe Deux Soleils 

Open until 12AM

10. Go to the Burnaby Village Museum and ride the carousel.

Open until 9PM

11. Indulge in a Voodoo Bowl at The Shameful Tiki.

Open until 1AM

12. Grab dinner with a view at The Top Of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant.

Open until 11PM

13. Belt out your best version of Wannabe at Pub 340.

Open until 3AM

14. Brave a Vancouver Ghost Tour.

Open until 9PM

15. Light it up at one (or more) of these amazing nightclubs.

Contact each establishment for updated hours

16. What's better than pizza? Pizza, board games, and booze. Get all three at Pizzeria Ludica.

Open until 11PM

17. Have a float in a sensory deprivation take.

Open until 11:30PM

18. Laugh it up at Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club.

Showtimes may vary. 

19. Have cocktails at Juniper.

Open until 12AM

20. Pull off a Picasso while drinking wine at Paint Nite.

Hours may vary

21. Make bonfire s'mores at Wreck beach.

K... not exactly legal but shhh.... 

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