16 Incredibly Talented Vancouver Interior Designers That Will Give You House Goals

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16 Incredibly Talented Vancouver Interior Designers That Will Give You House Goals

Your house is your home, so why not have it look the best it can? Your house can reflect your personality and lifestyle and change the ambiance and feel of your home. Take your interior to the next level with these Vancouver interior designers who are constantly redefining house goals.

These Vancouver interior designers are some of the top in the field. We are so inspired by their skill, talent and creativity and we are sure you will be too. Make sure to get some inspiration by following their social media pages.

The total amount of talented Vancouver interior designers is much more than we can include on this list. Check out these 16 super talented Vancouver interior designers who will give you house inspo, listed in no particular order.

Patricia Gray // patriciagrayinc.com + @patriciagrayinc

Interior Designer, Director and Founder of Patricia Gray Interiors Inc

"Over the past three decades, Patricia Gray has built an international reputation as a preeminent interior designer whose unique style holistically integrates luxury, finely crafted detail and a contemporary vision into signature spaces known for both their beauty and livability." - patriciagrayinc.com

Ami McKay // purebyamimckay.com + @puredesigninc

Interior Designer, President and Creative Director of PURE Design Inc

"She blends periods and styles and adds her own subtle sense of whimsy to create a fresh and innovative space you will cherish for years to come." - purebyamimckay.com

Jillian Harris // jillianharris.com + jillian.harris

Interior Designer, Host of HGTV Love it Or List it, Founder + Creator of jillianharris.com

"Jillian’s signature blend of high-brow / low-brow style makes her relatable to both small-town and city gals alike." - jillianharris.com

You might recognize her from The Bachelor—she's a former ABC Bachelorette!

Gaile Guevara // gaileguevara.com // @gaileguevara

Interior Designer, Creative Director & Lead Associate of Gaile Guevara Studio LTD

"I believe people can live with a lot less and love a lot more. I use my toolbox of interior design and creative to bring you new insight on values of living with what you only really need so you can appreciate the details." - gaileguevara.com

Kelly Deck // kellydeckdesign.com + @kellydeckdesign

Interior Designer, Director & Founder of Kelly Deck Design

"Kelly believes that, above all, a home should be quiet and replenishing. She loves elegance, never at the cost of ornamentation or fuss." - kellydeckdesign.com

Alex Dampsey // alexdampseydesign.com + @alexdampseydesign

Residential & Commercial Interior Designer, Director & Founder of AD Design

"We like to involve clients in the entire creative process from beginning to end while educating them along the way. Clients will be exposed to new ideas, trends and materials to help create a thoughtful, welcoming and curated space." - alexdampseydesign.com

Jamie Banfield // JamieBanfield.com + jbanfielddesign

Founder and Principal Designer of Jamie Banfield Design

"Specializing in design for all spaces, with a focus on kitchen and bath, Jamie has the ability to transform and create well-edited spaces that exude both function and beauty. With a passion for textures and sustainable design, he often uses reclaimed materials, offering a unique perspective to his finished rooms." - JamieBanfield.com

Samantha Pynn //  @samanthapynn

Designer, Decorator, Stylist, Host of HGTV's Home To Win and Open House

Reisa Pollard // @reisapollard + beyondbeige.com

Founder & Lead Designer of Beyond_Beige, Owner of The_Living_Lab

"Reisa’s design style is not defined by her own personal choices, she adapts to each client to create something unique to their home or business." - beyondbeige.com

Maria Killam // mariakillam.com + @mariakillam

CEO and Founder of Understanding Undertones, Decorator, Stylist, Colour Expert, Author, Design Blogger

"My passion in life is to transform the way you see colour through my classic and timeless aesthetic." - mariakillam.com

Victoria McKenney // enviabledesigns.com + @enviabledesigns

Founder & Principal Designer of Enviable Designs

"Enviable Designs Inc. strives to create “Comfortable Sophistication” in our client’s homes by using an effortless blend of European classic with hints of modern and twists of the traditional." - enviabledesigns.com

Jamie Deck // shift-interiors.com + @shift_interiors

Creative Director & Interior Designer D.I.D. at Shift Interiors

"A practical, creative, and strong communicator, Jamie’s passion for design is inseparable from her passion for people and the experiences she creates for her clients." - shift-interiors.com

Sean Lew // patriciagrayinc.com + @patriciagrayinc

Interior Designer & Project Manager for Patricia Gray Inc.

"He works closely with Patricia and clients to create spaces that are both beautiful and livable...His use of technology allows clients to visualize the firm's design." - patriciagrayinc.com

Sarah Gallop // sarahgallop.com + sarahgallopdesign

Founder and Principal Designer of Sarah Gallop Design

"At SGDI, we believe that everyone is entitled to a beautiful, yet functional space and we enjoy helping our clients find the balance to create a home that reflects their lifestyle." - sarahgallop.com

Sarah Marie // sarahmarieinteriors.com + @sarahmarieinteriors

Founder & Owner of Sarah-Marie Interior Designs

"Through the use of space planning, materials and finishes, she is continually creating sustainable and creative spaces which reflects ones personal desires and lifestyle all the while integrating today’s latest trends with functionality." - sarahmarieinteriors.com

Sophie Burke // sophieburkedesign.com + @sophieburkedesign

Founder & Principal of Sophie Burke Design

"I gained an appreciation for a broad range of design styles; I love the tension between old and new, high and low, modern and classic." - sophieburkedesign.com