You Can Cuddle With Baby Goats, Piglets, And Bunnies At This Farm In BC This Spring

Sun's out buns out 🐇
You Can Cuddle With Baby Goats, Piglets, And Bunnies At This Farm In BC This Spring

Even though the Easter bunny doesn't seem to visit my house anymore, I still love Easter! It's always a reminder that Spring is here, the winter is over and it's time to appreciate new growth and life. From chicks cheeping to fluffy bunnies sleeping—Spring is the best time to hang out with animals because they're welcoming new additions. 

Few things in life are as cute as baby animals and there's a farm in BC that wants you to cuddle with all their newest, fluffiest residents this Spring. Aldor Acres Family Farm in Langley is having a special Easter Long weekend event so they can introduce you to all the newest baby animals. You can hold adorable wriggling pink piglets and cuddle with floppy-eared bunnies. If you're lucky, you might get to bottle-feed a curly white fluffy lamb! You are going to be so overwhelmed by the cuteness. 

If you can manage to pull yourself away from the baby animals, every visitor to the farm gets a hayride tour to see what's going on and to see how Spring is, well, springing up all over the farm. The town of Fort Langley is pretty close by to the farm so it's a great idea to make a day of it all. Aldor Acres will be selling drinks, Easter cookies, snacks and farm fresh sausages but you could also bring a picnic or go into town after for lunch. Aldor Acres is one of the most Instagram-worthy farms in BC and you'll definitely want to check them out throughout the year for more of their events!

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Aldor Acres Family Farm will be having an Easter Long Weekend event running from Friday, April 19 to Monday, April 22 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. Admission is $9 and comes with a hayride around the farm and plenty of opportunities to meet the animals. Aldor Acre Farms is in Langley at 24990 84 Avenue and it's about an hour drive from Vancouver.

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