The '90s was a golden-age for cartoons and much to the ire of my family I was keen to wake up early on the weekends so I could watch all my favourites while mindlessly eating fruit loops. Saturday Morning Brunch Cartoons at Storm Crow Tavern in Vancouver is where you can relive the good old days!

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Storm Crow Tavern is Vancouver's favourite nerdy bar where they serve sci-fi and fantasy inspired cocktails and food. They also have a huge selection of board games. Super nerds know that they also offer brunch on the weekends that's perfect for kids from the '90s. 

You can play your favourite board game while sipping a cup of coffee or digging into eggs benny. Plus, they'll be playing a different cartoon-marathon each Saturday morning so you can binge-watch just like you used to when you were a kid.

You can expect all your favourites to make it on rotation for Saturday Morning Brunch Cartoons. I'm excited about Pinky & The Brain, Animaniacs and The Power Puff Girls. Grab a table with a good view of one of their TVs and order your most comforting brunch food for the ultimate nostalgic brunch experience. It's mostly cartoons from the '90s but there are also sometimes ones from the '80s or even '00s!

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Both Storm Crow Tavern and Storm Crow Alehouse offer Saturday Morning Brunch Cartoons from 11 AM to 2 PM on Saturdays. There's no price or anything special you have to do, just get a seat by the TV! Check out their Facebook page for all the details on upcoming cartoons and to make your brunch plans!