We’re always looking for creative places to dine. I mean, taste is important and all, but I can get top-notch food at my Nonna’s house for free - so when I go out, I want to be impressed.

Whether these kinds of restaurants are in caves or overlooking the Toronto skyline, we tend to like things that are different. This market in British Columbia, although, may take the grand prize for being a restaurant that's a bit more than . . . unique.

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Yup. Those things staring down at you are goats. Most definitely goats. At the Old Country Market in Coombs, a small community on Vancouver Island, you are able to scan through gifts and groceries before then settling down for a good meal with even better company.

The market's goats are most likely their best four-legged employees. Apart from always entertaining the guests, they also maintain good behaviour and an uncanny ability to always pose for a selfie.

While the goats have a log house in the centre of the roof, they’re more likely to be found atop the grassy surface of the market so they can peep at the tourists eating their lunches below.

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If you’re nervous about the goat’s safety, don’t be. Even though there’s that famous video of them fainting every time they get scared, goats have good coordination. They’re able to hold their balance in unique places, but they are unique animals.

Famous for their international foods, the Old Country Market has a restaurant and a deli for you to choose from. In addition, up the hill from the market is a pizzeria, as well as a take-out style Mexican eatery.

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If you want to learn more about the goats, their bio is posted on the market’s official website. You can also find more information about their restaurant and deli as well.