So let's be honest, that past few weeks of summer in Vancouver have been a complete bust. With the smoky air conditions that have blanketed the city, Vancouverites haven't been able to enjoy the summer that we SO RIGHTLY deserve. I mean c'mon, we're so patient with the rain!!

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But there is still hope! Just because summer is nearly ending for us here, doesn't mean it is for the rest of the world. Thank you to The Philippines for having endlessly warm summer weather, even in October. And thank you to China Eastern Airlines for cheap flights.

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You can now fly to Manila from Vancouver round trip for only $621, which is half as much as tickets usually cost! Through, we've scouted out some of the cheapest flights. This trip will last from October 3 to 18, and if those dates don't work out for you, you can always adjust the dates to fit your schedule for a low cost.

Just plug in Vancouver as your departing city and Manila as your destination, with the cheapest month to fly, and BAM! You'll get the best deals ASAP.

So far the best deal we've found is through with China Eastern Airlines. Here are the details listed below (cost is listed in British Pounds as the booking site is based in the UK):

Don't let the end of summer stop you now. Call up your travel squad or your S/O and start making your travel plans because it's time to finally live those summer dreams and bask in the golden sunshine in Manila.

via @gypsea_lust