You Can Get All Purple Everything At This Dessert Cafe In Vancouver

Our love for taro runs deep.
You Can Get All Purple Everything At This Dessert Cafe In Vancouver

You've probably heard of the famous Cafe Bora in Korea or the Filipino soul-food cafe Platito in Toronto, both serving up all-purple-everything type desserts, for purple waffles to purple bingsoo. But guess what, we have it in Vancouver too!

Located just a couple blocks south of Joyce Station is the low-key Filipino dessert joint, Flip Side Dessert Cafe. This cafe is literally making purple taro-flavoured dessert meals for the taro craving sweet tooth. Here's a look at the menu: 

The Taro Monster

If this purple beast of a taro milkshake, ice cream, and cake set isn't making your mouth water, I don't know what will. Actually, I know what will...all they're other desserts! Flip Side is also serving up some other insanely sweet and delicious creations like their:

Other Monster Milkshakes

Though Taro is a popular choice, FlipSide also serves Monster Milkshakes in other flavours like Chocolate, Buko Pandan, Mango and Vanilla.

Pan De Cream

This snack is basically ice cream infused with traditional Filipino flavours like Buko Pandan, HaloHalo, Quezo, and more, and then placed in between pandesal - essentially an ice cream sandwich.


Now this crazy creation is kind of like an ice cream sundae on steroids - it's fat scoop of ice cream concealed in a big chocolate ball that you can choose the flavour of. You then drizzle over warm butterscotch syrup that melts the chocolate ball and spills all over the ice cream...mmmm.

I think I've said enough here. Get ready late night sweet snackers, we'll see you on the flip side located at 5538 Joyce St. Open Sunday to Thursday 5PM to 12AM, Friday 5PM to 1AM, and Saturday 2PM to 1AM.