One of the biggest food trends in Vancouver over the past year has definitely been specialty dessert cafes - there is no shortage when it comes to finding a place to hang out with your friends or go for date night.

The latest dessert spot we are bringing you is not only delicious, but also super pretty to look at - not just their desserts but their entire store is picture perfect!

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Located in Richmond, Jack Frost Cafe specialises in shaved ice - sweet, very finely shaved milk-flavoured ice that melts immediately in your mouth.

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They have a handful of different flavoured sundaes including red bean, green tea, cookies & cream, and tiramisu - however, we have our eye on one dessert in particular, their cotton candy flavoured shaved ice which is topped with... Dippin’ Dots!

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If you ever ate Dippin’ Dots when you were a child, this will bring you straight back to your childhood!

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Jack Frost Cafe doesn’t just serve shaved ice sundaes, they also serve a variety of beautiful cakes and pastries - as well as coffee and tea. 

 Jack Frost Cafe is located at 6916 No. 3 Road, and is open Monday to Friday from 3 PM till 11 PM, and weekends from 1 PM till 11 PM.