Punchbowls always make for a fun drinking experience. Who doesn't want to drink out of a bowl that's bigger than your head? But we gotta say, this bar in Vancouver has seriously lit drinks... literally.

At The Shameful Tiki Room, you can get flaming punchbowls to share with your friends (or to drink all on your own). And at around $10 a person, these bowls and their added extravagance don't even come with an additional price tag.

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Not one, but many of their drinks are topped off with flaming goodness. One of their classic options is the Volcano Bowl, a smokey drink made with a secret recipe but there's no mystery this is a drink to remember. It contains traces of mezcal, overproof rum, and house-made six spice syrup. Another popular choice is the Voodoo Bowl, another mysteriously good drink that comes with multiple juices, rum and spices.

Unlike any other bar in Vancouver, The Shameful Tiki Room transports you into a tropical tiki experience you've never seen before in the city. Especially in the middle of winter, this bar will give you those tropical vibes you've been missing.

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The Shameful Tiki Room is located at 4362 Main Street. The tiki bar is open every day from 5 PM, until 12 AM on Sunday to Thursday and until 1 AM on Saturday and Sunday.