You Can Get Massive Boozy Pineapple Punch Bowls At This Low Key Vancouver Restaurant

Right about now, you're probably so over winter. It's the middle of February, Valentine's Day (or SAD) just passed, and you're longing for even just the slightest hint of a warm breeze signalling the arrival of spring. 

It seems too warm for a boozy hot chocolate, and too cold for a refreshing rosé sangria. Well the thing is, at Narcity, we don't care whether it's summer or winter, we're always done for booze... especially if it's served in a massive pineapple with chopped up fresh fruits and a little cocktail umbrella.

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Available throughout all seasons is Rajio's Famous Fruit Punch, served at the most adorable little Japanese Izakaya joint in Point Grey. Their famous punch is served in a luscious watermelon or tropical pineapple with your choice of Smashing Hit Punch spiked with rum or their Grown-Up's Pina Colada boozed up with Malibu. The sweet refreshing taste of their housemade juice paired with the zing of booze is EVERYTHING.

Of course, we can't mention Rajio and their famous boozy punch without giving you a little insight into their drool-worthy menu. Serving an array of Japanese cuisine from sashimi and sushi to oden and udon (and so much more), this spot is a foodie's heaven. We recommend ordering their Yellow Tail Pressed Sushi and Negitoro Battera if you're looking for delicious sushi, and their Black Sweet & Sour Short Rib if you're wanting something a little more hefty.

The vibe is also super casual, making it a great spot to catch up with your BFF or a chill Friday night date with bae.

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If you've been keeping up with the Vancouver food scene, then you're definitely aware of this little gem as it's been around for quite some time. But if you haven't, which is totally forgivable as I'm sure you lead a busy life, then you need to head out westward and unwind with a sip of summer at Rajio.

Rajio is located at 3763 W 10th Ave. Open daily from 5:30 PM to 11 PM Sunday to Thursday, and until 12 AM Friday and Saturday.