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​Mochi donut bouquet. Right: Mochi donuts on a plate.

Mochi donut bouquet. Right: Mochi donuts on a plate.

Two of the most delicious treats have come together to create the iconic Mochi Donut. Anyone with a sweet tooth in Vancouver is in luck because this spot is serving up the yummy dessert.

Holy Mochi Donuts, is the place to go if you're obsessed with finding unique desserts in Vancouver. The pick-up location is actually located in Surrey, B.C., but they're expanding to more soon.

If you're wondering what a Mochi Donut actually is, the website describes it as a "delicious hybrid of your most loved pastry with a mochi spin. Mochi donuts are made from glutinous rice flour, making them chewy, fluffy and oh so scrumptious."

Their mouthwatering creations are also super colourful and fun to look at — and get cute photos of!

They have so many different pull-apart Mochi donut flavours — it'll be hard to choose which one to order.

You can even get cereal sprinkled on your donut.

There are no boring donuts from this shop — fun donuts only.

They also create gorgeous bouquets of mochi donuts that look great on a feed. Who needs a boring flower boutique when you can get this tasty surprise?

Time to get a gift for your special someone — maybe they'll even share.

If the photos don't have you craving their donuts already — wait till you hear some of the featured flavours.

Unique flavours like Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Pocky, Milk n Cereal, and Matcha Green Tea are all readily available for you to enjoy.

They even created a Vietnamese Coffee flavoured donut.

These would make such a great party favour or fun snack to enjoy while hanging with friends.

They look so heavenly, light, and fluffy — it's something everyone should try at least once in their life.

Holy Mochi Donuts

Price: 💸💸

Address: 10330 152 St. #5, Surrey, BC

Why You Need To Go: These are some seriously unique donuts that are worth the try. The flavours all look so delicious and creative — they will surely be something like you've never tasted before.


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