If you have never heard of the heavenly Japanese sweet snack called the "taiyaki", then you are missing out.

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Taiyaki is basically fish-shaped cake that's usually filled with red bean, chocolate, or other custard-y goodness. Now imagine that, but with gelato, pocky and marshmallow packed inside and chocolate drizzled on top.

Que ON Yogurt, an ice-fried frozen yogurt shop that opened up last year. They originally started up focusing on their rolled frozen yogurt and gelato, but recently they've come up with a new concoction - their loaded taiyaki - and it is absolutely drool-worthy.

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With 5 different flavours to choose from - strawberry, oreo, matcha, creme brulee, and chocolate - you'll be certain to find a flavour that you love...or all of them.

Each loaded taiyaki is packed with a delicious filling and stacked with ON Yogurt's incredibly smooth house-made, organic, and gluten-free froyo. Please prepare a Kleenex in hand for the next few images because you're going to be salivating all over the place. Trust me.

The strawberry taiyaki...

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The oreo taiyaki...

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The matcha taiyaki...

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And if you're not super into the taiyaki trend, you can always go for their fried ice froyo and gelato as well!

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ON Yogurt is located at 95 Smithe St, right next to BC Place. Their shop is currently closed for the holidays but will reopen on January 13th with hours Tuesday to Friday 11am to 9:30pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 10pm.

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