Just when you thought summer couldn't get any sweeter, it just did. Introducing the delicious ice cream donut sweet treat, the chimney cake, or as the Czech would say "trdelnik".

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Just in case you didn't know what they were, they are vanilla soft-serve filled rotisserie baked donuts originating from the Czech Republic... and it's basically you're dream come true.

via @thepraguery

Thanks to The Praguery food truck rolling out these amazing desserts, you can save your ticket to Prague for these traditional treats and enjoy them right in your backyard.

They offer flavours like cinnamon, almond and coconut chimney cake donuts, with your choice of chocolate and strawberry toppings on your ice cream. Or, you can simply go with the OG flavour - vanilla.

And if you're not feeling the sweet, you can always go for their savoury cheddar and bacon donut.

Behold, here is their menu:

You can check out their schedule here so you never miss them when you're out and about, and searching for something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

via @thepraguery