Attention all unicorn enthusiasts who love all things pink, sparkly, and adorable! There is a cute as hell unicorn hot chocolate drink that has graced our presence in Vancouver, and we're going to tell you exactly where you can get it. Oh yes, and did we mention? It's alcoholic.

Just in time for the city's favourite foodie event, the Hot Chocolate Festival 2018, Soirette in downtown Vancouver has concocted a drink that is literally sugar and spice, and everything nice - cue the Tipsy Unicorn Hot Chocolate.

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The Tipsy Unicorn Hot Chocolate is a magical chocolately drink made with strawberry and peach schnapps, sprinkled with Cacao Barry Zephyr, and topped with whipped cream and housemade millennial pink cotton candy. They even serve a Sparkling Magic Pretzel Cookie on the side to go with your enchanted drink.

Not only does the drink sound like it transport you to a magical unicorn kingdom, it is also Instagrammable AF.

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This mystical drink will only be available throughout the Hot Chocolate Festival until February 14, so you better head on down now before the event is over.

Soirette is located at 1433 W Pender St. Open Tuesday to Saturday 9AM to 5:30PM.