Let's talk about one of the biggest struggles of watching food videos on Buzzfeed. You've clicked on some cookie dough ice cream or insane deep dish pizza only to find out that it's only served in New York. Now as far as you know, Vancouver doesn't have an equivalent and you're now left to wish about the food-porn that never was. 

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Well you're in for a huge treat Vancouver, because several locations around Vancouver have begun to take part in the latest sushi sensation - the sushi donut!

Maybe you don't know what a sushi donut is? Or maybe you haven't realized yet why it's an absolute game-changer. A sushi donut uses sushi rice for the body of the donut. Then, rather than having an icing, the topping is composed of any mixture of fish, avocado or other vegetables. 

The first to offer is Sushi Donut Vancouver. They're a food stand that resides in the the TD Chinatown Festival every Friday on Keefer Street. They're the first location in Vancouver to specialize purely in the art of the sushi donut. 

The stand offers mouth-watering (and gram-worthy) flavours like: the Sakura donut, the rainbow donut, spicy tuna donut, 'salmon on fire' and a melted cheese donut! 

So far, there are two other locations in Vancouver that offer this elusive treat. DoDo Sushi and Mr. Sushi both offer their own version of the sushi donut. They're equally as good - although they're only offering a single flavour! 

What do you think? The next greatest food craze? Or has commodity finally trumped functionality. Regardless, Vancouverites are known to love their sushi - and there's no such thing as a bad donut!