To continue to add onto your winter bucket list, we've decided to up the ante a bit. Because sure, it's one thing to visit a beautiful lake or majestic frozen plain, but how about to conquer it?

To adventure, explore and cover every bit of new terrain that's in front of you. So in the name of adventure and everything that is stereotypically Canadian, we present you with your next winter goal. 

British Columbia is no stranger to beautiful bodies of water - including waterfalls. And while these almost majestic landmarks are a sight to see in the summer, they can be just as beautiful in the winter. But forget just hiking to see these attractions, why not climb them? Yes, we really do mean climbing waterfalls. 

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Welcome to the beautiful hike that is Haffner Creek. Settled right on the Alberta-BC Border in the Rocky Mountains, you can now enjoy a winter excursion unlike any other. The frozen streams of water, now turned to beautiful pillars of ice are an extremely popular climbing destination for snow-lovers. 

The creek features 18 different climbs that range in difficulty from beginners, to seasoned veterans, to experts. While you should never attempt to scale these pillars or climbing routes without equipment, there are mountain guides that prepare ropes and help the beginners. Not only does that add up to a crazy adrenaline rush, but it's a great workout too. 

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From frozen pillars, to stalactites, to some good ol' bouldering, this frozen landscape is a short hike to some unspoiled nature and climbing. So if you've hit the slopes one too many times this Winter, or perhaps just want a change in pace, we've found something just for you.