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You Can Now Order Restaurant Meal Kits And More With SkipTheDishes

With the same contactless delivery.
You Can Now Order Restaurant Meal Kits And More With SkipTheDishes

Remember when we used to get dressed up in jeans and stuff and meet up for a bite? It feels like such a distant memory. Needless to say, the current situation has completely transformed the way we do everything and anything, including how and where we eat. 

Our experience with food delivery apps like SkipTheDishes has changed, too. No longer just a treat or tool of convenience, it now helps all of us keep up with social distancing.

For most of us, grabbing a bite takeout style has probably become a weekly (or nightly) ritual at this point, which is why it's so cool to see some of Canada's top restaurants offering produce packages, baking supplies, food kits, and grocery bundles online.

Whether for one, two, or an entire family, places like Earls Kitchen + Bar, Freshii, and Mucho Burrito are offering some of their most delish meals in make-it-at-home meal kit form, courtesy of SkipTheDishes

Earls, for example, is even offering home essentials like toilet paper and hand soap... plus brunch kits. Eggs benedict for two? Don't mind if I do.

And then there's the chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes kit (insert drool face emoji here). Plus ⁠— because there's always more ⁠— they're offering grocery packs, too.

Some are full of fresh produce like veggies while others are all up on that meat-lovers vibe, like their ultimate protein freezer pack. It includes two racks of BBQ ribs, six 6.5 oz angus chuck patties, four 8 oz sirloins, and four 6 oz salmon fillets. 

Freshii ⁠— a go-to for lunchtime eats ⁠— is offering fresh groceries so you can build your own bowls, burritos, and more. And they even have keto and paleo options for those with special dietary restrictions or needs.

There's also a snacking bundle with chips and their always delish energii bite packs. Yum!

Mucho Burrito also has to offer a take-home taco kit. It includes flour tortillas, brown rice, pico de Gallo, salsa, cheese, sour cream, black beans, and tortilla chips. Basically, it has everything you need to make those much-loved Mucho Burrito meals in the comfort of your own home.

Our world for sure looks way different from how it did just a couple months ago, but these restaurants (and so many more!) along with SkipTheDishes are really cranking it up a notch with their food delivery game. And, honestly, that at least helps us to feel like we can move forward in this new reality.

SkipTheDishes Meal Kit and Grocery Delivery 

What: Delivery for fresh produce, baking supplies, meal kits, and household supplies from local restaurants

When: Ongoing

Where: Vancouver and surrounding areas

You can find SkipTheDishes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube @SkipTheDishes. 

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