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You Can Now 'Surf' Your Way To The Top Of Grouse Mountain On The Gondola

Starting tomorrow morning you will be able to surf you way up the gondola at Grouse Mountain.

The resorts new Skyride Surf Adventure allows you to climb to the top of the gondola where you can ride the 1,610 meters up the side of the mountain with only a railing surrounding you! Say goodbye to the glass walls of the gondola keeping you safe. This addition is a must try for Vancouver thrill seekers.

Along your journey you will also learn about the inner workings of the aerial tramway, which just happens to be the biggest one in North America.

Grouse Mountain is officially the first place in North America to offer this kind of ride on top of a mountainside gondola.

The ride opens tomorrow at 8am and if you already have a Grouse Mountain Membership, the prices is only $28.80. But if your one of the unlucky ones like me, you’re looking at a steep $79.95 for the one way ride up the mountain.

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