Someway, somehow, we've already landed in October. Scarier still? October's almost over... which means winter's almost here. Terrifying, sure, but it's not all bad: October coming to a close means the start of one of the world's best holidays. AKA Halloween!

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If you're looking for something super fun to do in the city this Halloween, why not party with one of the most recognizable and delicious vodka brands in the world? Better yet, why not party with one of the most recognizable and delicious vodka brands in the world for a good cause? 

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Absolut Vodka is pairing up with Canadian bars for a charitable cause this Halloween, and you're not going to want to miss out on the party. Four Vancouver bars will be taking part this year, and for every Absolut cocktail purchased, Absolut will donate $1.00 to the David Suzuki Foundation, a science-based environmental organization dedicated to protecting the natural environment and creating a sustainable Canada. 

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Interested? Of course you are. Who doesn't want to party for a good cause? Vancouver bars Fortune, Celebrities, Parlour and XY/1181 will all be hosting Halloween parties with plenty of music and delicious Absolut cocktails... Plus an incredible atmosphere to encourage you to have fun while doing some good for the environment.

How much fun, you ask? Well, strap in, guys - you're definitely not going to want to miss these Vancouver parties. On October 27, XY is hosting a Paranoia themed Halloween dance party that promises to be the time of your life, and 1181 is hosting a Halloween party that's sure to leave you thrilled! Then, on the 24, Parlour's hosting a swanky, classy pumpkin carving soiree! 

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Meanwhile, Fortune and Celebrities are cooking up seriously spooky and fun events on October 26, with Fortune Nightclub even debuting Manila Grey's music video, "Friends of Friends." 

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And, to make you feel even better about celebrating with Absolut, the Absolut brand is proud to have a carbon neutral distillation process. Not only are they in close collaboration with local farmers and glass manufacturers to reduce environmental impact, and not only do they use non-GMO grain, but they're also one of the most energy efficient distilleries in the world! They boast climate neutral production at their facilities and apply eco-design principles to their product lifecycle - so they're definitely walking the talk!

Join Absolut in doing good this Halloween inVancouver - and don't forget to buy a cocktail (or three or four) to donate! Check out their website, Facebook and Instagram for more information.