You Can Pet Adorable Baby Kangaroos At This Kangaroo Farm In BC

Animals are cute, but baby animals are cuter - this is a fact. If you're the type of person who gets excited just by passing an adorable dog on the street, but screams with excitement like a toddler at the mere sight of a baby puppy, then there's a place in BC where all your wildest baby animal dreams will come true.

Just 20 km north of Kelowna is an adorable kangaroo farm that allows you to pet and cuddle with the cutest baby kangaroos. Even if you're not from Kelowna, you're definitely going to want to visit this place because - trust us - you've never seen a baby animal more adorable in your entire life.

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At Kangaroo Creek Farm, you can give some love to joeys (new-born kangaroos) so small you can hold them in your arms, you can take pictures with wallabies, play with sugar gliders, and even hang out with baby goats.

The farm has been taking care of and keeping kangaroos as well as wallabies for over 20 years. Not only can you hold these adorable animals in your arms, but you can learn lots about them as well.

And I mean, when will you ever get a chance to hold a cute little joey in your arms? Likely, never... unless you're here.

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Aren't they just the most precious little beings in the world?

While it's definitely an unparalleled joy to be able to hold such a  creature in your hand, Kangaroo Creek Farm does note that there are only limited joeys born during high season. Expect a long wait time, and a slightly shorter time spent with the joeys as the farm does their best to accommodate all visitors. They recommend visitors to drop by during the weekdays, and avoid weekends and holidays.

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Kangaroo Creek Farm is open daily from March 17 to October 8. Their hours are from 10 AM to 3 PM. Located at 3193 Hill Rd, Lake Country, approximately 20km north of downtown Kelowna.