Frodo Baggins, who?! Scratch New Zealand’s tourist display of The Hobbit movie set, because we’ve got something just as unique in the great ole North. With spring quickly approaching, most of us are scrambling for ideas on how to spend yet another perfect summer, and this mushroom house might just be the ideal destination to do so.

Nestled in the woods of Mayne Island, a 21-square-kilometre region in British Columbia, the Unique Cob Cottage is the ultimate retreat that you need to know about.

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With a 5-star rating on Airbnb (and for good reason), the layout of this cozy cottage is what makes it such a hit. An interesting design that has a similar outline of a mushroom, Cob Cottage has a way of creating a magical experience.

In addition to the essentials, the cottage also includes a BBQ grill, an indoor fireplace, children’s books and toys, and also provides breakfast in the morning. Now I don’t know about you, but if there’s food, then there’s a Lex. Life’s always better when food is around.

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An average of $160 per night, the cottage has various dates available over the next couple of months. For more info on how to rent this adorable property, check out their official Airbnb page!