Camelot Haven Alpacas in Vernon, B.C. is the cutest place you could possibly visit this Spring. You can visit their big herd of friendly alpacas and you can take one on a scenic stroll along the Okanogan valley. Each alpaca at the ranch has its "own distinct personality," so you're sure to find a new friend to bond with even for just an afternoon. There are two kinds of alpaca encounters to choose from; Discover the Wonderful World of Alpacas and Camelot Haven Guided ALPACA Walks

On the first tour, you'll get to see the alpacas in their natural environment and learn more about their lives and what it takes to care for a herd. The second tour sounds a little more interesting since you get to take an alpaca for a walk! You'll be guided on the basics of handling an alpaca and be introduced to your new alpaca friend. Then you'll get to go on a country-side stroll through the picturesque desert landscape of the Okanogan Valley. 

There are so many amazing photo ops here at Camelot Haven. There's also an Alpaca Country Store at the ranch that you can visit to buy alpaca wool and unique hand-made goods. This experience is a must-do this Spring and any animal-lover will be so thrilled this unique opportunity to take these furry alpacas for a walk and maybe even give them a pat on their big fuzzy heads!

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Via Camelot Haven Alpacas

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Via Camelot Haven Alpacas

You can book guided Alpaca walks and tours starting this May. Their 2019 season runs from Sunday, May 12 to Monday, October 14. The Discover the Wonderful World of Alpacas tour is $20 per person and the Camelot Haven Guided ALPACA Walks are $40 per person. They recommend that you wear comfortable clothes, close-toed shoes and bring your hat.

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