Update as of 9:30 PST on April 9, 2019: Organizers have announced that this event is regrettably cancelled for 2019. They hope to be able to bring it back for spring 2020.

It's weird to think that Spring is right around a corner, especially since here in Vancouver we were recently met with an unceremonious dump of snow. We don't know what to do with snow! Our whole city seems to grind to a standstill as we all shiver and wonder if our bus will ever come. The only fluffy and puffy and white that I want to fall from the sky are cherry blossoms, thanks, not snow!

Soon enough, it'll all melt away and the cherry blossom trees will bloom again in their shades of white and pale pink. As part of our annual Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, there will be a totally magical cherry blossom light show—Spring Lights! This is the first of its kind cherry blossom light show in the world and it's absolute magic to see in person.

This would make a really romantic date idea or you could grab your friends and take a bunch of incredible photos together! It almost looks like photoshop in real life creating incredible displays of colour and light projected onto the puffy canopies of blossoms overhead. You definitely want to put this on your Spring bucket list!

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Spring Lights is happening on Sunday, April 14 in Queen Elizabeth Park. Check out their website for more information and to see more details on the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. The light show begins after sunset, but it might be worth it to show up a little early to see the blossoms in the dusky sunset glow!

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