You Can Wander Through A Massive Glowing Mirror Maze In Vancouver This Month

Get lost in a captivating maze of mirrors!
You Can Wander Through A Massive Glowing Mirror Maze In Vancouver This Month

Vancouver has no shortage of amazing opportunities for Instagram photos, but Science World is about to become the most geotagged location around! As the crown jewel of their Numbers in Nature exhibit, they're getting a massive 1,800 square foot mirror maze! The exhibit was created by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and it reveals the way that mathematical patterns show up in the natural world around us—from the order of the universe to the honeycomb patterns created by bees.

The mirror maze is totally trippy. You'll be surrounded by a seemingly endless pattern of shapes and reflections as you wind your way through the maze. You're definitely going to hit a dead end at some point and be super embarrassed about it so just laugh it off! There's even a secret room in the middle of the maze (if you can make it to the centre!) where you'll be rewarded for your efforts with more amazing things to discover. In addition to the maze, there are a ton of interactive installations where you can see the mathematical patterns in everything from the natural world to music, art and architecture—even the symmetry in your own face and body!

While you're at Science World, be sure to get tickets to the IMAX movie so you can hear Ryan Renolds narrate the Great Bear Rainforest documentary. You can watch majestic BC spirit bears and learn more about how their home in the rainforest is threatened and how we can help with conservation and preservation efforts.

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Science World's new exhibition A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature opens on Friday, February 22. Admission to Science World is $25, and if you want to see the IMAX film, it's an additional $6.

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