You Can’t Call Yourself A True Vancouverite Unless You’ve Done 25 Of These 33 Things

If you haven't done these yet, don't bother calling yourself a Vancouverite. 🤚

People from all over western Canada move to Vancouver just so they can be apart of the big rainy city. So, it’s natural that there are some requirements that you’ll have to tick off this list before you can call yourself a true Vancouverite. 

We pride ourselves in our ability to make Lululemons look cute for any occasion, whip out an umbrella at any given second, and make those dreadful hikes look super easy. If you really think you're a Vancouverite then you should be able to breeze through this list! Hey, and if you haven't done all of these, here's your guide to becoming a Vancouverite. 


1. Complain about the never-ending rain and pray for a bit of sunshine.

2. And when it's finally sunny for more than a week, complain about how unbearable the scorching heat is.

3. Hit at least one of these BC Breweries.


4. Take a picture in front of La Pentola's "It's love baby" wall. (P.S. They recently changed the wall for fall, go check it out!)

5. Drive in 2.5 hours of rush hour traffic.

6. Run into an NHL player at the Roxy or an equally grungy bar.

7. Religiously watch the Canucks, even though they're not your favourite team.

8. Store umbrellas in every aspect of your life: by the door, in the trunk of your car, at work, gym locker..

9. Be completely unprepared for a snowstorm. We're prepared for the rain and that's about it, tbh.

10. Anxiously wait in a super long line at Celebs on Tuesday

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11. Hike the Stawamus Chief .. hungover.

12. Drink one too many beers and ride the bull at The Bourbon.

13. Complain that we're the last city on earth to not have Uber.

14. Book an Evo even if it is just for a block or two.

15. Accidentally walk through a film set. 

16. Once you've realized, stop and send about 50 snaps of Ryan Reynolds to your entire friend's list.


17. Watch the Celebration of Light at English Bay Beach.

18. Deck yourself out in red and white for Canada Day!

19. Reminisce about the 2010 Olympics held in Vancouver.

20. Roll your eyes anytime someone brings up the 2011 Stanley Cup riot.. 

21. Ice-skate at Robson Square rink during Christmas!

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22. Sip mulled wine at the Vancouver Christmas Market.

23. Put on your cowboy boots for a Sunday night at the Roxy.

24. Buy a season's pass for Grouse Mountain.

25. Take one of those iconic pictures walking across the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

26. Wait in a pretty long line for Earnest Ice Cream. 

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27. Celebrate spring by attending the Abbotsford Tulip Festival.

28. Get soaked at this annual massive city-wide water fight!

29. Complain about how long it takes to get across the Lions Gate Bridge. 

30. Hike the Grouse Grind! #forthegram

31. Grab beers and watch the game at The Pint.

32. Try one of these outrageous bucket list desserts! 

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33. Shop the infamous Aritzia Warehouse Sale, and live to tell the tale.