You Know You're From The Tri-Cities If You've Been To These 14 Bars

R.I.P Foggy Dew 😭
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You Know You're From The Tri-Cities If You've Been To These 14 Bars

The people of the Tri-Cities like to drink, lbh. No, we don't have Bar None, Blarney Stone or Celebs - but we do take pride in having a good time (all the way over) here in the suburbs. 

If you grew up in Coquitlam, PoCo, Port Moody or across the bridge in Pitt Meadows, then you've definitely drank at all of these bars at one time or another. It may not be as fancy as the bars downtown but we sure know how to make do with what we have down here. Whether it's happy hour at Earls, slamming back drinks at Brew Street or even riding the bull at Roosters, we've done it all. Well maybe not me, but you probably did. 

So, if you grew up in the Tri-Cities, then you have certainly had a shot or two at these cherished local spots.

The John B. Pub

Where: 1000 Austin Ave // Coquitlam

The good ol' John B. A Coquitlam classic, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Everyone goes to the John B., whether it's your 19-year-old sister, you or your dad and his buddies.

Earls Kitchen + Bar

Where: 5100 - 2850 Shaugnessy St // Port Coquitlam

Everyone you know works at Earls PoCo, everyone you know eats at Earls PoCo, and everyone you know drinks at Earls PoCo. If you go during happy hour it's basically a giant high school reunion, but there's nothing wrong with that. Also, their weekend brunches are lit. 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Foggy Dew Irish Pub 

Where: 405 North Rd // Coquitlam

The Foggy Dew Irish Pub aka The Foggy Dew aka The Dew, now known as Pint 405... But everyone still calls it The Dew. A couple years back this was the place to be. It was beloved by many and now hated by most. Oh, and did you see those pictures of Rob Ford on his wild night out at that bar in Coquitlam? Yup, that was at the Dew.

Roosters Country Cabaret 

Where: 19040 Lougheed Hwy // Pitt Meadows

You don't have to be from Pitt Meadows to go to Roosters. 19-year-olds from all over the tri-cities trek out to Pitt just for the cheap drinks, country music, and topless bull riding. If you didn't get in a fight in the smoke pit, did you even go to Roosters last night?

Samz Neighbourhood Pub

Where: 2342 Elgin Ave // Port Coquitlam

Samz Pub is a mix between a chill restaurantwhere you just grab some decent food, but also where you run into all your high school teachers on a Wednesday night. Yeah, that's probably the best way to describe Samz.

Cat & Fiddle Pub

Where: 1979 Brown St // Port Coquitlam

If you grew up in southside PoCo, then you've definitely spent a lot of Wednesday nights at the Fiddle for wings. You can't beat 30 cent wings! Well... they were cheaper back in the day.  🤔

The Arms Pub

Where: 3261 Coast Meridian Rd // Port Coquitlam

Let's just say that the Arms is one of the greasiest bars in Port Coquitlam. That's all.

Orrange Kitchen + Bar

Where: 1125 Nicola Ave // Port Coquitlam

If you think you're fancy, then your crew probably drank at Orrange. It's probably the only bar that doesn't fit in Port Coquitlam, mostly because it's actually nice. 

St. James Well Pub

Where: 248 Newport Dr // Port Moody

The St. James Well Pub is located in Newport Village and beloved for their Irish style pub food. Think the old Foggy Dew with a classier crowd and better grub.

Browns Socialhouse

Where: 215 Newport Dr // Port Moody

Browns is my personal favourite. I still frequent this place allllllthe time. Mostly because the food is bomb and the drinks are always on special, not to mention their killer patio! 😎

Black Sheep Pub 

Where: 12968-232 St // Maple Ridge

Good food, pool tables & an attached liquor store. Basically, everything you need in Maple Ridge.

Brew Street Craft + Kitchen

Where: 3224 Saint Johns Street // Port Moody

Before this decade, the Brew Street Kitchen used to be known as the Golden Spike. Most of our older brothers and sisters reminisce about the Golden Spike days. It was the place to drink when you turned 19. Rumour was they were shut down because they were always over capacity. Talk about bumpin'. Brew Street is now the new place to go, mostly because of their selection of 50 beers on tap. 

The Haney Public House

Where: 22222 Lougheed Hwy // Maple Ridge

Let's just say the Haney one of the most well-known bars in the Tri-Cities... If you've been to the Haney, you probably have a good story to tell. Let's just leave it there. 😅

Roo's Public House

Where: 2962 Christmas Way // Coquitlam

You probably didn't come here, tbh. Maybe once or twice... But your parents definitely did.

Jasmine Girn
Editorial Operations Manager
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