You May Be Able To Drink In Public In Vancouver As Soon As Next Month

This longstanding law could be changed.
You May Be Able To Drink In Public In Vancouver As Soon As Next Month

Drinking in public is prohibited by law not only in Vancouver, but also in many other cities in Canada. In Canada, Quebec is one of the few places where you can have an open container of alcohol and drink in public. But many places around the world are much less strict with this rule, including numerous countries in Europe and Asia. 

But that may all change soon in Vancouver. The Green Party of Vancouver candidate for the Vancouver Park Board election, Dave Demers, is hoping to get rid of this longstanding law. Demers is actually from Quebec originally, where drinking alcohol in public is allowed. 

If elected, Demers wants to have looser rules regarding drinking in public in the city. “We believe that responsible residents who want to enjoy a glass of wine by the water should be able to,” Demers said in a press release, according to Global News. “More and more people do not have a balcony or garden where they can enjoy the outdoors and have a drink with friends.”

In their release, The Green Party of Vancouver said that they hope to launch a pilot program in Vancouver beaches and parks and that current laws in place that disallow public intoxication and litter would not be changed. 

The election takes place on October 20, 2018, so in as soon as one month, everything could start to change with drinking alcohol in public in Vancouver – that is, if Demers is elected and his proposals are accepted. 

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