Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there's something to be said about staying in a creepy hotel. Even if you can find a scientific, rational explanation for doors mysteriously slamming, creaking sounds, or glimpsing a disturbing figure looming beside you, it's still unbelievably unnerving. One's mind races. The logic goes out the window, and then the fear kicks in... But some people love that. They live off that exhilarating thrill. Or, maybe they just like the mystery. Either way, if you're one of these people, chances are you may want to book a night in a haunted B.C. hotel...

There are many hotels in British Columbia that have been said to contain active spirits. Some are considered "violent", others are simply hanging out. The locations of these hotels are spread throughout the province, although some may just surprise you. After all, a couple are in the province's biggest cities... 

If you think you can handle been spooked a bit, you may just want to book a night in one of these eery hotels... 

The Empress Hotel

Where: Victoria

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There's a variety of ghosts stories surrounding The Empress Hotel, which is one of the most iconic in British Columbia. First off, there's the chamber-maid who fell to her death in 1909 who supposedly still haunts the 6th floor. Then there's the Man With The Mustache who is said to be the spirit of the architect of the hotel. Perhaps most eery is the carpenter who still swings from the ceiling in the west tower where he hung to death during the construction of the hotel.

Habour House Hotel

Where: Salt Spring Island

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Located on the waterfront on Salt Spring Island, Harbour House is said to be home to a phantom that was murdered there. The man was Walter Herzog, the owner, and builder of the hotel. Guests have reported that, even in the newly revamped hotel, they've seen lights going on and off, as well as the air thickening at times. Additionally, they hear strange moaning sounds, but that's not exactly strange in a hotel.

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Where: Vancouver

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Many flock to The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver because it's one of the city's best landmarks, but they don't tend to know that it's extremely haunted. "The Lady in Red" is an apparition said to roam the corridors and the elevators at night. She was once a fashionable socialite who died in the hotel and has never been able to leave. She's become an icon and even used to help celebrate Vancouver's 2018 Pride Festival.

Heriot Bay Inn

Where: Quadra Island

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Quadra Island generally feels like the setting of a horror film. After all, it's secluded and heavily wooded. Guests who stay on the island have reported a ghost wandering the halls of the Heriot Bay Inn. He is believed to be the spirit of a logger who was killed in a bar fight and buried in an unmarked grave. It's all very spooky stuff.

Hotel Eldorado

Where: Kewlona

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A particularly interesting story surrounds Kewlona's lavish Hotel Eldorado. When it was originally built in 1926, the Austrian countess in charge wanted it to be a luxurious destination for European travelers. However, arsonists burnt the place down, destroying her dream. The new owner, in 1989, rebuilt and renovated it precisely the way the countess wanted it. Therefore, it makes sense why people say her ghost still roams the halls.

Historic Hat Creek Ranch

Where: Cache Creek

Via Historic Hat Creek

This may not be exactly a traditional hotel, but it's sure cursed with ghosts. The historic grounds of Hat Creek Ranch are said to be haunted by a little boy playing, an angry cook, and a bunch of horses. Due to the fact that most of the site contains miner's tents, a First Nation's pit house, and camping grounds, you can only stay here in the summer. But it's a great place for encountering a spirit or two.

Hume Hotel

Where: Nelson

Via Hume Hotel

This boutique hotel, which opened in 1898, is said to be home to a fairly friendly spirit who hangs out in Room 335. It's believed that the ghost is actually Mr. Hume, who opened the hotel in the first place. The hotel is so famously haunted that the citizens of Nelson made a film about it called Haunt At The Hume. When you look at the dark, slightly eery decor of the building, it's not hard to imagine a ghost floating around.

The Inn at Spences Bridge

Where: Spences Bridge

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One of the oldest operating hotels in B.C. is also one of the most haunted. Guests have reported extremely loud, bone-chilling sounds of fighting at night. Morse-code-like tappings can be heard as if the ghosts are trying to send a message to the guests. The hotel, which was built in 1862 during the gold rush, is said to be where a prosperous miner was murdered in cold blood.

Lund Hotel

Where: Sunshine Coast

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The Lund Hotel, built in 1895, is said to be home to "The Woman In White". She usually roams the halls keeping to herself. The other quite strange thing about the hotel is the fact that Room 207 is always far colder than the rest of the hotel, even when set at the exact same temperature. Furniture is also said to be found rearranged at odd hours of the day.

Leland Hotel

Where: Nakusp

Via Leland Hotel

There's an elderly ghost who haunts the Leland Hotel in the West Kootenay hot spring town of Nakusp. He's said to be an old man in a wheelchair wrapped-up tight in a blanket. Many have spotted him appearing and mysteriously vanishing all over the hotel. However, you can really feel his presence in Room 15, where he likes slamming doors to scare the guests.

Bedford Regency Hotel

Where: Victoria

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The ghost of a woman who witnessed her husband brutally beaten to death is said to roam the Bedford Regency Hotel. Not long after she watched this horrific event, she took her own life. Afterward, she's been spotted in spirit form trying to seek vengeance within the walls of the hotel. In particular, she likes to appear behind visitors as they stare into bathroom mirrors. Originally, the building was known as The Churchill, but it has since been rebranded and refurbished. Unfortunately, that hasn't kept the angry spirit out.