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You Never Have to Assemble Your IKEA Furniture Again In Vancouver

Say hello to your new favourite friend.
You Never Have to Assemble Your IKEA Furniture Again In Vancouver

Picture this scenario: you’ve spent an entire afternoon shopping at IKEA looking for the perfect furniture to accessorize your new condo/apartment with.

You've toured through the showroom and admired the GORGEOUS decor ideas; you've inhaled your hot dog and frozen yogurt; a
nd you spent approximately 30 minutes playing a game of real life tetris trying to make all the furniture that you just bought fit in your car. And of course, there’s always the traffic getting back home. By the time you do get home, the last thing you want to do is assemble your IKEA furniture. Sound familiar?


Well that is all about to change because thanks to IKEA and TaskRabbit, you’ll never have to assemble furniture ever again! So how does it all work?

TaskRabbit provides super easy access to a community of skilled ‘Taskers’ which can take care of all your handyman needs in the Vancouver area, including building your IKEA furniture. It’s the perfect digital tool for anyone looking to get things done around the house in a convenient and affordable way.


The really amazing thing about TaskRabbit (besides taking the hassle out of building your IKEA furniture) is that customers can choose the exact date and time that they need a Tasker. From there on, customers are matched with a qualified Tasker who you can communicate with directly on the platform and confirm details on the specific task.


TaskRabbit also offers help with a variety of home services such as mounting and installation, moving and packing, painting, gardening, home improvement and even heavy lifting. The service is available to help out customers with everyday home services. In fact, their mission is to make everyday life easier for everyday people. Which just so happens to perfectly tie in with IKEA’s own mission which is to create a better everyday life for the many people - it's basically a match made in heaven.

This just goes to show how convenient IKEA can really be, especially when paired with TaskRabbit. No hassle, no back pain, no more trying to assemble furniture.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Make sure to visit IKEA online for more information about TaskRabbit or visit them on Facebook and Instagram.