You Never Knew This "Hidden" Street Of Breweries Existed In Vancouver

The suburb's best kept secret 🙊
You Never Knew This "Hidden" Street Of Breweries Existed In Vancouver
Editorial Operations Manager

If you fancy yourself a beer connoisseur and you haven't heard of Brewer's Row, then you're missing out on this hidden gem. This tiny street filled with craft breweries often goes unnoticed. Murray Street aka Brewer's Row is nestled in the heart of Port Moody, situated right across from Rocky Point Park!

All four breweries are relatively small in size, which makes the experience a lot more intimate. All of the breweries produce beer in-house and serve on tap! You can sip their craft beers while watching the brewmaster work in the back. Most of the breweries have an open floor concept so it's easy to watch the brewing process. If you're into brewing, you will totally nerd out over this!

If you're from Port Moody then you definitely spend your weekends drinking beer on Murray street. I have a sneaky suspicion that most Vancouverites haven't been to this area before! I highly suggest you show your friends this cool street where you can literally walk down one street and hit four incredibly unique microbreweries. 

Okay, enough talking. Let's get to the beer.

Yellow Dog Brewing Co.

Most popular item: Chase My Tail Pale Ale 

Price: $5 for 12 oz.

Why should you go: Yellow Dog is the OG on the block. Three short years ago, Yellow Dog opened the very first craft brewery in Port Moody. They are famous for being dog-friendly! The owners encourage customers to bring their own food, grab a beer and hang out in their spacious picnic area behind the brewery.


Moody Ales

Price: $4.75 for 12 oz. 

Why you should go: Coincidently after Yellow Dog opened, Moody Ales moved in right next door! The two original breweries on the block are still thriving. There are always new things happening at Moody Ales! If the incredible taste of their beer isn't enough to entice you, they hold trivia nights, open mic nights and they have a bookshelf full of board games. 


Twin Sails Brewing

Most popular item: Slam Dank

Price: $6 for 12 oz. 

Why you should go: Twin Sails was the third brewery to join the neighbourhood! It was at this time that Murray St. was coined Brewer's Row. It's the smallest brewery of the bunch, but don't let that deter you! Twin Sails is the ultimate spot for a quick drink. The brewery is super small, dimly lit, and perfect for a tinder date. 😏 


The Parkside Brewery

Most popular item: Dusk Pale Ale 

Price: $4.25 for 12 oz.

Why you should go: The new kid on the block. Parkside has quickly become the hot spot to be on a Friday night. With an extensive list of beers on tap, shuffleboard, and a food truck on site, this brewery is a recipe for success. Oh, and they even serve wine for that one friend that doesn't like beer. 👏


Jasmine Girn
Editorial Operations Manager