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YVR Apologizes For Valentine's Tweet About Getting "Flirty" With Your Seatmate

Not the kind of Valentine's Day heat you want.

Cupid's arrows never fail, but the Vancouver International Airport's recent tweet missed the mark. In the now-deleted YVR Valentine's Day tweet, it seemed like they were encouraging people to hit on their seatmates. YVR apologized quickly and deleted the tweet after it was met with a mixed response, including criticism that hitting on people confined on a plane with you is not okay.

In their apology, YVR described the stunt as being meant to celebrate Valentine's Day and to "spark some lighthearted chatter." They then apologized for "missing the mark."

The deleted tweet began: "You are boarding a flight. You get to the row and notice your seatmate is 😏😍. How do you spark up a flirty conversation with them ✨?"

If the Emojis weren't enough to make you cringe, just wait because it got stranger:

"Drop your best line for a rating out of 5," the tweet read. "Best answer will win a pair of tickets to the @vanaqua for date night."

Pickup lines can be done respectfully but on a tight flight with mandatory seating isn't it.

Twitter users immediately shot back saying it wasn't cool to encourage harassing people who have no choice but to sit next to you.

"I live in fear of being seated next to someone who will take my mere seat assignment as an invitation to invade my privacy, personal space and make me extremely uncomfortable," read one tweet.

After their apology was issued, some Twitter users seemed to forgive the incident in the comments, saying that mistakes happen and that props should be given for YVR accepting their mistakes.

"To err is human. To accept responsibility for such missteps is a sign of character," reads one tweet.

Others wrote that the people who were offended by the tweet were too sensitive.

The winner of the since cancelled contest would have gotten two tickets to got to the Vancouver Aquarium. 

Hopefully, they'll do another contest soon, especially because the aquarium had an amazing Valentine's Day event.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the Aquarium wasn't involved in the tweet.

At least some other organizations seemed to get Valentine's Day marketing right. But even if it wasn't Valentine's Day, it's still probably not a good idea to hit on someone in a confined space. 

When reached for comment by Narcity, YVR Senior Communications Specialist Chris Devauld reiterated that "the tweet was and spark some lighthearted chatter. We missed the mark and have apologized."