Vanessa Hudgens Says She'll "Really Miss" Canada After She's Done Filming Her Netflix Christmas Movie

She's been staying in Ontario, Canada.
Vanessa Hudgens Says She'll "Really Miss" Canada After She's Done Filming Her Netflix Christmas Movie

More and more, celebrities are staying in Canada and not wanting to leave. Whether they're coming here for a movie, vacation, or for a concert, they only have nice things to say about our country. And we don't blame them! One celebrity that has spent a while in Canada is Vanessa Hudgens. She's made it clear how much she loves it too! Vanessa Hudgens wraps filming her Netflix movie in Canada

Currently, Vanessa is in Ontario filming her new Netflix Christmas movie titled The Knight Before Christmas. I know what you're thinking, yes, Christmas movies are filmed this far in advance. This also isn't the only Christmas movie Vanessa has starred in, as she was in The Princess Switch which premiered on Netflix last holiday season. 

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It's not exactly clear where Vanessa is staying in Ontario, but she's been in the province since the beginning of April. Actually, Vanessa got to experience Canadian weather at it's finest when she was stuck in a snowstorm, in April, with Tim Hortons. That didn't hinder her love for Canada though, as you can see from her Instagram story above that Vanessa is "gonna miss this place". 

Uhm, with that view, we all would love Canada! Vanessa has had a lot of night shoots while filming The Knight Before Christmas, so much so that she has documented a few on her Instagram. She's even gotten to see some stunning sunrises from her balcony a few times, which you can view below. 

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We love her love for Canada! The Knight Before Christmas will be on Netflix this holiday season, and we can't wait to see parts of Ontario in the background of the movie. Vanessa will be leaving the country before she can experience a real Canadian summer, but she's welcomed back anytime! 

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