Vanity Fair Released Their "Best-Dressed Celebrities" & A Raptors Player Made The List

He's a champion on the basketball court and in the fashion game.
Vanity Fair Released Their "Best-Dressed Celebrities" & A Raptors Player Made The List

As we shift into the fall season, it's really beginning to set in that in just a matter of weeks, 2019 will be coming to an end. One of my favourite things to do at the end of the year is to reflect back on the past months and remember all the awesome things that happened, and a lot of your favourite magazines like to do it too! Vanity Fair's 2019 Best-Dressed celebrities list includes a Raptors player.

Each and every year, pop culture and fashion publication releases a list of the year's best-dressed celebrities. Being featured on the list is an incredible honour, and should be taken as a very flattering compliment - only the most noteworthy fashion icons are included.

This year, a few Canadians were honoured with a spot on the list, including Celine Dion. The world-renowned singer opened up about how, as the youngest of 13 siblings, she spent much of her life wearing hand-me-downs, so she revels in the fact that she now has the opportunity to express herself in glamorous outfits.

Another Canadian on the list is actor Keanu Reeves, who's grunge-esque fashion sense has earned him a spot amongst the most stylish. "Polished with a hint of grunge. Streamlined suits, rock tees, Merrell boots, and black. So much black," Vanity Fair wrote.

Another (kind of) Canadian to make the list is Toronto Raptors player, Serge Ibaka. During the 2019 NBA Championship playoffs, Ibaka was often seen strutting into the arena wearing the most stunning custom made suits. During his interview with Vanity Fair, Ibaka said that he's happiest when wearing them, as they give him an extra boost of confidence before the game.

Ibaka also mentioned that his biggest style icon is his dad, he's been obsessing over Nick Fouquet chapeaux lately, his favourite designers are Valentino and Balmain, and he despises when people wear big logos "just to show [they] wear expensive clothes."

Who knows? Maybe Ibaka's super fancy custom-made suits played a role in the Raptors taking home that coveted Larry O'Brien!

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