For a day you'll never forget, you need to go on a road trip to Vermont. One of the most incredible biking trails is the Island Line Rail Trail where you can bike over the water!

That's right, on the Island Line Rail Trail the bike path crosses directly over the water for part of the route, so you get to enjoy water views on both sides!

The bike path is one of New England's most visited trails and offers stunning sights along the entire way. The Vermont bike trail is a day trip that you absolutely need to try this summer! 

From Ontario, the closest area to start the trail is at South Hero Village, Vermont. It is a 2.5-hour drive from Cornwall, Ontario. From here you'll be able to enjoy the long but easy biking path with plenty of scenic vistas.

The Island Line Trail is approximately 22 km long, with slightly over 3 km of the trail is packed gravel over Lake Champlain! The route will give you stunning views of the Adirondacks, while taking you along the coast, and right in the middle of a lake! Unlike other bike paths that will take you on a bridge over the water, here the route goes directly over the water, and it is unlike anything you've ever seen before!

While the trail itself is free, about 8 km from South Hero there is a small $8 fee (round trip) to take the Island Bike Ferry. The ferry connects the route where there is a 200-foot gap in the trail over the water. It runs from May 24 to October 14 and is an excellent spot to take a break and enjoy the views.

Thankfully most of the Island Line Rail Trail is relatively flat, making it perfect for even novice cyclist. Also along the route, there are plenty of bicycle rest areas with picnic tables so you can relax. So what are you waiting for? Time to make plans to bike this incredible route over the water with your friends this summer!

Island Line Rail Trail

Price: free ($8 round trip for the ferry)

Address: Island Line Trail, South Hero, VT

Why you need to go: Bike right over Lake Champlain!