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Vero: 5 Things You Need To Know About The All-New Social Media Network

The ad-free app that's luring people away from Facebook & Instagram.
Vero: 5 Things You Need To Know About The All-New Social Media Network

You've surely seen on Twitter, Facebook, or even on Instagram in the last couple days some of your friends, and or celebrities talking about and posting stuff relating to a new social media network called, 'Vero'.

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It's actually been around for a couple years but just recently its started to blow up and a lot of people are claiming that it's exactly what they've wanted in a social media platform.

Now, you all must have questions about Vero and are curious to see if it will be the next big thing, so below we put together five easy points about what Vero actually is and what it stands for.

5. The First Million Users To Sign Up Will Receive Free Accounts.

Via Vero

Vero has made it a point to be quite open to the fact that at some point along the way they will start to charge people who have accounts on the network. You can read more about this in their 'Manifesto'.

***Update: Vero has now surpassed 1 million users and has extended the "Free For Life" offer for now.

Via Vero

4.  Vero Lets You Share ANYTHING You Want.

Via Vero

Vero categorizes six key share points within the app which are: Movie/TV, music, book, place, photo, link. Essentially, the things most people seem to connect with the most when sharing.

3.  You Get To Choose EXACTLY Who Gets To See What You Share

Via Vero

Four options of sharing levels which are: "Close Friend", "Friend", "Acquaintance", & or "Followers". This would come in handy especially with stuff for any inside joke you have with those closest to you.

2.  Every Post From You And Your Friends Goes Straight Into Your "Collections"

Via Vero

Your own personal library of recommendations, moments, ideas, jokes, etc. Somewhere to keep tabs on stuff you want to save for later.

1. There Are Absolutely NO Ads On Vero

Via Vero

This means, no algorithm changes, no data-mining and more importantly, what you post is exactly what your followers will see, guaranteed!

Download 'Vero - True Social' on iOS App Store HERE and Android Google Play HERE.

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Vero - True Social on Facebook

Vero - True Social on Twitter

Vero - True Social on Instagram

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