VIA Rail Is Stocking Their Trains With Face Masks & Hand Sanitizer In Response To COVID-19

Trains are running as normal.
VIA Rail Canada Has Stocked Up On Sanitizer & Masks In Response To COVID-19

Major precautions are being taken everywhere due to COVID-19. VIA Rail Canada announced their own measures on March 12. The company assured Canadians it is stocked with masks and hand sanitizer, even as these products have run out elsewhere.

The train company cited the fact that the risk of COVID-19 remains low for Canadians. As such, their trains will be operating as normal across the country.

There will, however, be extra sanitary measures taken on each trip, as indicated by the company's statement.

This includes having trains and stations fully stocked with masks and hand sanitizer, even as supplies of both items run low in stores across Canada.

The company noted that masks will be reserved for anyone who shows potential symptoms, which has been advised by health officials.

Sanitizer, as well as other anti-viral products, are also being distributed throughout trains and stations.

VIA Rail noted that it has strict hygiene protocols for its trains, which will continue to be followed.

This includes a thorough cleaning of all hard surfaces on each car, including armrests, tray tables, and walls. The same protocols also apply to washroom cleanliness.

Cleaning and disinfection have been increased at stations during this time. The company said that special attention will be given to high traffic surfaces, including door handles, handrails, elevators, and washrooms.

On top of everything else, VIA Rail is also asking anyone who is experiencing potential symptoms not to travel.

They are also offering full refunds with no service charges for trips cancelled any time before departure in March or April.

"The health and safety measures of our passengers and employees is our top priority and we are focusing our efforts accordingly," VIA Rail President and CEO Cynthia Garneau said.

"At this point, all hands are on deck. All employees, whether in train stations, on board, in maintenance or call centres, are trained and informed on what they have to do for safety and prevention."

Travel restrictions have become more widespread as countries work to limit the spread of the virus globally.