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VIA Rail Is Now Offering 40% Off Train Trips Anywhere In Canada For Their Summer Sale

Just in time for summer, Canadians are now able to get a major deal on train trips all over the country. If you needed an extra reason to go on a Canadian trip, this recent sale from VIA Rail will definitely provide an extra incentive. VIA Rail's new summer sale is offering up to 40% off all train trips in Canada. 

The company is now offering steep discounts on train tickets for trips all over Canada for their "Plan Your Summer Sale". This means you can get as high as 40% off the Canrail Pass, which includes Base, Extra, and Unlimited Canrail fares. In other words, you'll be able to save hundreds of dollars! Better hurry, because this sale won't last forever.

With this pass, you'll be able to travel across Canada, such as between provinces like Ontario and Quebec. This will make your domestic travel much easier this summer!

The Canrail Pass is "a convenient and flexible pass that allows you to choose between 7, 10 or unlimited one-way trips to a destination of your choice," says VIA Rail on their website.

"You have the choice of travelling between Quebec and Ontario for 21 consecutive days with our Corridor pass, or across Canada for 60 consecutive days with our System Pass."

If you love spontaneous trip and travelling, this pass may be for you. "Put quite simply, the Canrailpass gives you the flexibility to travel anytime, at a price you'll love. So you can afford to be a little impulsive," says VIA Rail. 

VIA Rail's national train network runs through the country, from the west coast starting in BC all the way to the east coast in Nova Scotia. 

Right now, the base fares for 10 one-way tickets have been reduced to a total of $576.60 for students, which means each ticket would cost you $57.66. For adults, 10 one-way tickets cost $640.80 during the sale, as opposed to its usual $1068 price tag. 

According to a news release by VIA Rail, the Plan Your Summer Sale will last only until June 2, so make sure to book before then if you want to go on a train trip. 

If you're looking to explore our beautiful country this summer, why not do it via train? To check out the passes by VIA Rail, make sure to visit their website and see their summer sale

Source: Thomas MacDonald - MTLBlog