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Via Rail Is Purchasing Brand New Trains For Ontario And Quebec And Here's When They'll Be Running

If you've used the Via Rail before, then you probably know that they are a little outdated. They haven't been updated in years, so they're not super comfortable and they tend to break down which causes delays. Well, the federal Transport Minister, Marc Garneau just announced that the government will be funding the replacement of their aged trains.

Via Rail will begin the process of replacing their older trains on their main Canadian corridor. Since funding has been approved, the next step would be for Via Rail to launch a request for qualifications, and then a request for proposals. 

The new trains will be much more environmentally friendly because of their fuel-efficient engines. The new trains will also be more accessible for the visually, hearing and physically impaired. The new trains will also reduce the number of mechanical breakdowns, causing fewer delays. 

The new trains are expected to be in service and running by 2022. 

The federal budget will also conduct an economic analysis on a proposed high-frequency rail between Quebec City and Toronto! 

Source: CBC News

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