It's Discount Tuesday at VIA Rail and some of the best fares available have been marked down even more! The website offers discounted rates on trains from Aug. 3 until Aug. 9, 2019. If you were looking for a sign to leave the city for the weekend, this is the VIA Rail sale you need to take advantage of. Looks like it might be time to plan a last-minute getaway. 

Some of the best deals include a $45 one-way ticket between Toronto and Montreal. The cheapest deal is between Montreal and Quebec City, at $34 a ticket. Here's a look at some of the current deals:

The Aug. 3 to Aug. 9 deals are exclusively for the Quebec City-Windsor corridor. If you are looking to book a long-haul train at a greater distance, you have a longer timeframe, between Aug. 3 and Sept. 10 to make those reservations. 

The tickets must be bought today, however, since it is Discount Tuesday. The seats are all Economy Class and tickets are available for either direction. Make sure you are set on going because all tickets are final sale and will not be refunded. However, tickets will be exchangeable for a 50% service charge, which would come out to a minimum of $20 in exchange fees.

Some popular routes are Toronto-Montreal, Montreal-Quebec, Quebec-Ottawa, Kingston-Toronto, and even Toronto-Vancouver, just to name a few. All discounted tickets are available from either direction. 

Hurry because these will sell out fast! There will be no additional discounts for seniors or youth looking to take advantage of the deal. The final discounted price is fixed and not eligible to be docked down more. The offer will be available on new bookings only.

Click here to see all the available discounts on tickets across Canada. Happy exploring!