If you’re looking for a new and exciting trip then we have the perfect thing for you. There is an epic glamping tent in Churchill, Manitoba that gives you the perfect views of the northern lights. Right now, it’s northern lights season so if you happen to find yourself with a few extra vacation days, we know exactly how you should spend them. 

Churchill, Manitoba is one of the hidden wonders of Canada. Known as the polar bear and beluga whale capital of the world, there are tons of things to see and even more things to do.

Even Kate Upton has visited Churchill.

Right now, the Manitoba town is in the middle of the northern lights season. 

Since Churchill literally sits under the Aurora oval, the gorgeous and quiet town gets over 300 days of beautiful blue and green night skies. 

Even if you’ve been lucky enough to see the Aurora in your life, it’s probably never been like this. 

Thanks to a local tour company called Nights Under Lights, you can visit a super cozy yurt and watch the northern lights.

Right now, Nights Under Lights does not offer any sort of camping accommodation so you will need to say in one of the hotels in town. 

Caleb Ross, owner and founder of Nights Under Lights, has told Narcity that in the future he hopes to have multibed dorms and private yurts so people can stay and sleep under the magic. 

This tour company has evening watches available that cost $129.95.

There are group bookings available, so if you’re going with all your friends, be sure to reach out. 

It can get brutally cold in Churchill so you will want to dress warm, but don't worry, you won't be cold the entire time.

While in your yurt, you can enjoy a drink and company until the lights are out. 

Rumour has it, there will even be wine and cheese in your yurt — and we can get behind that. 

Once the sky is filled with the most beautiful twinkling blue and green streaks you have ever seen, your helpful guide will bring you outside and fill you with all the knowledge you can handle.

Oh, and don’t worry about getting the perfect shot. Your tour guide is more than happy to help you with your camera settings in order to ensure you get the most epic pic possible.

There are tons of pictures of the northern lights online and if you’ve ever come across them on your explore page on Instagram, chances are they are from Churchill. 

Even in the photos, you can see how epic the lights are. Truly every inch of the sky is filled and it’s something you have to see in person to believe. 

Along with the lights, you can expect to see some wildlife if you remain nice and quiet. 

Churchill has tons of wild animals and if you’re lucky, you could even see polar bears, foxes, or Arctic hares. 

Don’t worry if you don’t see a polar bear. There are special tours for that too. 

Just be sure to keep your distance and be respectful. You are in their home after all.  

If you fall in love with Churchill, consider coming back in the summer months. You can actually paddleboard with beluga whales and it’s just as magical as you think.