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Man Receives Prison Sentence For Viral Disneyland Fight (PHOTO)

He attempted to hit Disneyland security team members with his car.
Viral Disneyland Fight Results In One Man's Prison Sentence

Thursday, a 34-year old Las Vegas man pleaded guilty to involvement in an Anaheim public brawl and received a six-month prison sentence. Park guests filmed his viral Disneyland fight from last summer, which involved a whole family throwing punches in the middle of Toontown. Two others involved failed to appear in Fullerton for their court date, resulting in warrants issued for their arrest.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes: [ex: violent images]

According to Fox 11 News, Orange County Superior Court Judge Scott Steiner charged Avery Robinson on multiple misdemeanor accounts, including two counts of criminal threats, five counts of battery, and more. 

He had originally been charged with five felonies and nine misdemeanor accounts for his actions in the Anaheim amusement park.

In addition to his jail time, Robinson will also perform eight hours of community service and participate in a rehabilitation treatment program.

It is still unclear who instigated the July 2019 brawl, which broke out in Toontown and spilled over onto Disneyland's Main Street.

Several visitors attempted to intervene and stop the fight but to no avail.

Prosecutors report that after park security guards asked the family to leave, things escalated further. Robinson attempted to hit some Disneyland security team members with his car as he drove away.

He had also previously threatened his sister with a deadly weapon.

In the leaked video, Andrea Robinson spits on her brother, who then proceeded to attack both her and her husband Daman Petrie.

The Compton-based couple is now fugitives of California law enforcement.

Yahoo Entertainment wrote that one of the family's children was carried away by a Disneyland bystander in order to remove them from the situation.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for additional information and updates.